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We offer some additional services to improve your web site or hosting experience. Please select any you'd like to order below.

Email Virus Scanning

Protecting your home or business PC from viruses is critically important, nine out of ten viruses are spread by email. Our virus scanning system stops emails at the server so you never have to try and deal with them yourself, our software automatically updates every hour so that it always knows about the latest viruses on the Internet. Each virus scanner you buy will totally protect one specified domain. Don't wait until it's too late - activate Virus Scanning on your domains now! Security at a great price, cover one domain name for £30.00 a year.

£30.00 every year *

Domain Privacy

Hide your personal details on most types of domain name.

Link to:

You have no domain names available to attach this to. Please order one if you wish to purchase this item.

£15.00 every year *

Premium Mailbox

Increase the size of a mailbox from 2GB to 10GB.

You have no domain names to put a mailbox on. Please order one if you wish to purchase this item.

£20.00 every year *

goMobi Mobile Website Builder

£25.00 every month plus a one off fee of £40.00 *

Email SMS Notification

£20.00 every month *

Search Engine Submission

For a one-off fee of just £25.00 we will submit your website (up to 10 individual pages) to over 400 search engines. You will receive a PDF report of all the search engines the site has been submitted to. Please note: Every search engine will take a different amount of time before they start listing your website in their search results.

£25.00 every year *

* Excluding VAT